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Welcome at Pelzmann!

Our website should serve as a source of inspiration, recipes and shopping. Those who know and appreciate Pelzmann products regularly visit us online and take advantage of the variety of our offer of Styrian pumpkin seed oil. For all those who are just getting to know us: We hope you enjoy exploring and appreciating our quality products around oils and vinegars as well as our company history.

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Do you know the feeling you sometimes have when eating a fresh salad with a delicious dressing? The wow moment that makes the salad a delicacy?
In 99.9 percent of cases, this is due to the dressing - it was a high-quality salad oil with a charming character used, which ensures the incomparable taste and many beautiful moments of enjoyment.
The Styrian pumpkin seed oil from Pelzmann has exactly the properties it needs - but in order. Our customers know us as a traditional family business with production site in the Austrian Styria. This region is also known as "The Green Heart of Austria" and attracts thousands of tourists every year. But not only skiing and hiking can be wonderful in this little corner of the earth, but the cultivation of pumpkin seeds succeeds excellently due to the sun-drenched months. This is the best prerequisite for producing a particularly tasty pumpkin seed oil in our oil mill. We are proud of our Styrian pumpkin seed oil and describe it as our premium product, which is well received worldwide.


First of all, we would like to introduce our original Styrian pumpkin seed oil. We only use pumpkin seeds from controlled contract cultivation for our Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

The Pelzmann pumpkin seed oil is available in 0.25 liter, 0.5 liter and 1 liter bottles. Our Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil is characterized mainly by its delicate nutty taste and can be used to refine food and salads. For this oil we use only the peelless pumpkin seeds, which result in our special breedings in the south of Styria.

If you browse our assortment, you will notice that we also grow pumpkin seed oil from European cultivation and offer it to our customers for sale. Here, the pumpkins do not necessarily have matured in Austria.

Furthermore, you will find Styrian vinegars, which we also produce with great care in our home country. These include apple, pear and red wine vinegar. Our special salad oil is a blend of high quality rapeseed oil and 20 percent pumpkin seed oil. Finally, you can use other Pelzmann oil specialties such as walnut oil, hazelnut oil or sesame oil. This oil specialty is not only suitable for salads, but also for the preparation and refinement of Asian food. All oil specialties can be found in our online shop, where you can shop as your mood takes you. You can create a customer account and then conveniently place your order online. We will then deliver your desired product to your doorstep. Maybe you would like to get to know our company first and are interested in the production, certifications or our history? All information can be found in the respective sections of our website.


The Styrian oil pumpkin is cultivated by us as a special breed in the sun-kissed southern Styria and forms, together with our oil mill, the heart of the pumpkin seed oil production. The pumpkins contain peelless seeds, which provide the dark green color and the caramel-like scent of the oil. Our oil pressing of this special variety gives a fine, nutty taste. Similar to the Prosciutto di Parma, the Styrian oil pumpkin is protected by the EU as a geographical indication of origin.

Therefore, our products carry in the area a band with identification number. The production of Styrian pumpkin seed oil is based on a long tradition - as a family business we are already in the fourth generation on the market.

Our "pumpkin seed history" began in 1930, when Franz Pelzmann bought his first oil mill and laid the foundation for the ever-growing production. Oil mills were used during wartime for pressing all oilseeds. It quickly became clear that pumpkin seed oil was mainly produced by Pelzmann. One thing has been very important to us since the beginning of the tradition: The production of Pelzmann pumpkin seed oil is accompanied by strict quality management and quality control systems, which takes the company management very seriously. In addition, the Styrian tradition of pumpkin seed oil production is passed from Pressmeister to Pressmeister.

Environmentally friendly actions, improvements of production processes and incorporation of modern technologies are important to us. Pelzmann meets the requirements of the International Food Standards (IFS Version 6/2017) in the production and bottling of edible oils and fruit vinegars since the introduction of this quality management system in 2005 at the highest possible level.

Our Styrian pumpkin seed oil is a pure natural product that does not contain any artificial additives. The manufacturing process is complicated and time-consuming. The key to our success is the high quality of the product. In order to preserve these, we too can not refrain from technical progress. However, we were able to find a good balance between modern tools and tradition, which is used in production, against the background of the quality claim. We would like to spread the popularity of our pumpkin seed oil as one of the world's largest pumpkin seed oil producers and look forward to it, if you recommend us as a brand.


You can use the Styrian pumpkin seed oil to prepare salads, where it can develop its fine-nutty taste particularly well. Of course, it can also be used to refine food, including desserts. Because actually it is too much to be used only in salads. Your creativity knows no limits. We see it as our mission to introduce customers to the varied uses of pumpkin seed oil. As we would like to provide you with creative suggestions and usage examples, you will also find various recipes for Pelzmann products on our website. The instructions are for both salads, snacks, main courses and desserts. Also recipe videos we have provided - for those who prefer it in sound and image. Try the variations for your own home. Perhaps you came across us during a holiday in Styria and became curious about the other products we offer? If you have any questions about Pelzmann oils and vinegars, feel free to contact us via our website. Under the heading "Contact" you have the opportunity to tell us your request.

We are looking forward to your contact.

Sincerely, your Pelzmann team