Pumpkin seed oil

No one pumpkin seed oil resembles the other

Whether or not a pumpkin deserves the additional denomination of “Styrian” depends on the origin of the seeds.

The difference between Pelzmann’s “Styrian pumpkin seed oil” and “pumpkin seed oil”

Our premium “Styrian pumpkin seed oil” is protected by the European Union “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) label.

It must not be extracted from any other seeds than the “Styrian pumpkin seed” variety grown in precisely defined Austrian regions, and pressed by no other than those oil mills which are located in specific areas of the southern Styrian region. A seal with a code number was introduced to prove the authenticity of Styrian pumpkin seed oil.
We manufacture Pelzmann’s “100% virgin pumpkin seed oil” by the same careful, traditional process as our “Styrian pumpkin seed oil”. We also use high-quality, skinless pumpkin seeds of the Styrian oil squash type (cucurbita pepo l. var. styriaca) from long-term suppliers in select producing areas all over the world.

Pumpkin seed oil:
do’s & don’ts

Actually, we would like to wear the Pelzmann oil spot all the time. But if, one day, the colour doesn’t go with your outfit, simply hang your clothes in the sun and throw them into the washing machine. They will come out perfectly clean on the spot.

  • Your pumpkin seed oil should always be stored unopened in a cool, dark place.
  • For a perfect pumpkin seed oil dressing, use the oil before any other ingredient (vinegar etc.). Your pumpkin seed oil will then stick better to the lettuce leaves.
  • Pumpkin seed oil can be heated briefly and carefully. But please remember that the oil is an all-natural product, meaning that its smoke point is lower and decomposition sets in very soon.
  • There’s an old proverb which says that the preparation of a good salad requires four different characters as follows:
    The generous one, who uses plenty of oil,
    the stingy one, who measures the vinegar,
    the moderate one, who handles the salt shaker,
    and the passionate one, who mixes the dressing into the salad.